New Betting Websites with UK License

Betting Sites in the UK

A livescore website is a portal that is offering livescore services by broadcasters, or a new sports betting operator. It is a site that provides real time information on various sports games so that bettors can keep up with their teams they have wagered on. Most of these websites are usually free of charge. Some of them even provide additional information like card details, substitution, and a players list. Livescore websites have come a long way as they used to be available only on television or radio. With today’s technology now you can even have access to some of them on your mobile phone.

Pick a Sport

There are tons of different livescore portals that are available for bettors today. You can find sites that cater to specific sports while others offer a variety of different sports. Some of the most popular sports that you will find on the majority of livescore websites include football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey. When you are determining which data provider to use you need to first take into consideration which sports you are interested in betting on and keeping tabs on. Once you have decided which sport and which betting site to go with, you will then be able to determine which livescore website will be right for you. offers a variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, cricket, basketball, and a couple of others. The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It has a custom side bar where you can build your own leagues of favorite teams or teams that you are often betting on to make them easier to keep track of. They also offer nice incentives to place your bets with them. has everything from soccer to hockey on their site. While it may seem like a lot to take in at first once you get to look at their site a little closer navigating it will become easier. They have everything marked clearly on different sports. They also have sections on different odds, results, and even a live TV section.

Even though they only offer 5 different sports to choose from, is another great provider in this niche. They have football, hockey, basketball, handball, and tennis results. Their website is very inviting and they have everything clearly marked so users have nowhere else to go. They have a side bar updated every day that shows all the popular things that other users are looking at. You can also pick what you would like to look at by the country of events.